Maxwell Joseph Lightwood; 1998 - 2007.

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It’s #TMITuesday and I’m sharing 3 secrets about #COHF!
Find out how you can get exclusive access to them here:
And remember, these are secrets … so keep them to yourself Shadowhunters! 

(Basically, you have to tweet, tumblr or email the link, and that’ll unlock a video of me blathering - and reading a bit from CoHF!)

TMI/TID meme | [2/4 color combinations] 

Men may be stronger, but it is women who endure.

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» books you should read » The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

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Woman? Is that meant to insult me?


Clace Fanart ~ City of Heavenly Fire ( inspired by : This )


City of Bones + Characters Being Badass


YA Lit Meme: [3/6] Locations → The Institute

There it was: the true vision, glowing through the false one like light through dark glass. She saw the soaring spires of the cathedral, the dull gleam of the leaded windows, the brass plate fixed to the stone wall beside the door, the Institute’s name etched into it. She held the vision for a moment before letting it go almost with a sigh.


The Mortal Instruments characters : 11 ~ Raphael Santiago

If you bother me again, Daylighter, it had better be for a good reason.