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I am beyond excited that The Scorch Trials is going ahead and has concept art already even though it’s only the film’s opening weekend. The first film was fantastic and and I loved The Maze Runner series as a whole.

But then the realization kicks in that yet another YA adaptation is going ahead with a sequel before City of Bones.

And I sob a little.

surely she  w a s

"A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water.”    -Eleanor Roosevelt

TLH snippet


James could see his mother moving like an anxious pale star among the guests in her lilac dress, greeting each of them warmly, welcoming them to her home. She had not glamoured herself to look her husband’s age for the evening, and she appeared enormously young, though her hair was done up like a gracious older woman’s, not a girl’s. When Will materialized out of the crowd and came to put his arm around Tessa, smiling down at her, the gray at his temples flashed like silver. James looked away; he loved his parents for being extraordinary, but sometimes he also hated them for the same thing.


Have you fallen in love with the wrong person yet?


30 Day Challenge 

Day 6: Favourite villain? Sebastian Morganstern  


 I think loving someone despite what people think is F E A R L E S S.


Let the darkness come for me, let it try to steal my soul.
As if I had a soul to steal. (x)


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Happy 30th birthday Kevin Zegers! (September 19, 1984)

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"I don’t remember everything," he said. "But I remember you. Clary. You’re Clary. You’re my best friend."


She knocked her shoulder gently against his again.


Due to popular demand, I drew up some Alec and Magnus to put on my Society6 store! 

»So Here You Go!«


You’re my first so many things, Alec Lightwood

The Mortal Instruments + Social Media.

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